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With close to 20 years of experience in teaching quilting classes, we usually customize our classes for each group of students. Among our customers are quilt guilds or quilt shops that want us to give a weekend class for their members or customers, and we do a lot of travelling.

Our most popular classes are those based on the triangle making tool “Magic with Triangles” which is so versatile that no two classes are exactly the same. We love good basic skills, but do not hesitate to include new and time saving techniques whenever appropriate. Fine hand quilting and clever ways to add borders and binding to the quilt tops are also among the skills that every serious quilter will need.

In connection with the release of our book “Hooked on Triangles” in September 2004, we will visit many quilt guilds and shops (in Norway) to tell about our book project and give small classes and/or workshops based on Magic with Triangles. We are also open to travelling abroad.

Our classes are tailor made for each group whether new to quilting or more experienced, so tell us what your group’s level is when booking and we will make you a class built on your skills.

We are registered teachers with Norsk Quilteforbund (the Norwegian national quilt guild)

Our classes:

1. Magic with Triangles – basic: We will work with one-size triangle square units.

2. Magic with Triangles – intermediate: More than one size triangle square units in combination with squares and rectangles.

3. A Star is born – advanced: We are making a star within a star, within a star, based on three sizes of triangle square units.

4. Basic patchwork techniques (sewing machine): Log Cabin, blocks based on squares, blocks made from strips etc. All techniques based on rotary cutter equipment. Will give students basic skills to build on.

5. Hand quilting with lap frame. (basic): If you have never tried hand quilting with quilting frame, this is the class for you. We go through the whole process, from layering and basting the quilt, marking the top for quilting etc. A lot of practice for making small stitches being familiar with the quilting frame.

6. Finishing touches: Important part of the whole process of making a quilt. Borders and binding are very important for the overall look of your quilt.