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Welcome to my private gallery. On this page I will share some of my quilts with you, both new and some older ones.




My favourite quilt that I use almost every day

Machine pieced – Hand quilted - Size: 50” x 72”

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Blue ribbon quilt - Bergen Quiltguilds show spring of 1994

Machine pieced – Hand quilted - Size: 59” x 59”

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My lovely bedspread - finished in 1995

Hand pieced – Hand quilted - Size78” x 100”

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”ta vare på naturen” (“protect the environment”)

Machine pieced – Hand quilted - Size: 59” x 78”

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Cutty Sark 2001, bought by Statoil Marin i Bergen

Machine pieced – Hand quilted - size 67" x 53"

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Made by “Tre Damer” on commission for the Singapore branch of a Norwegian company

Three quilts each measuring 39" x 59"

Machine pieced - machine quilted

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