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Magic with Triangles

It has never been easier to make Triangle Square Units. Here are some of the advantages you get from MwT.

  • You can choose grids in inch or metric measurements.
  • Each set has 5 master grids to be multiplied in a photo copier to make as many copies as needed. Can be used again and again.
  • The master grids are printed on colored paper of a slightly thicker quality, to clearly separate them from the copies.
  • You will make triangle square units both FAST and with VERY PRECISE measurements. No measuring needed, just place the grid copy on top of the fabrics and sew. Minimal waste. Instructions inside package.
  • The grid copies can be cut into smaller units if you want to use them with your scraps or your project does not require the whole grid.
  • The triangle units come in sizes that make it possible to combine two or more in the same block or quilt.
    Example: 2 inch x 2 - fits 4 inch, 3 inch x 2 - fits 6 inch
  • This way of making triangle square units is so simple and fast that you will find it convenient to use for all of your triangle square making.
(1) Each set of Magic with Triangles contains master grids in 5 different sizes. Choose your grid size, and make as many copies as needed in a photocopier. Always make your copies from the original master grid. Never make copies from a copy.You can make your copies on the blank side of paper from your recycling bin.
(2) Before you place the grid on top of the two chosen fabrics, trim off excess paper 1/4” from the grid outer lines. This helps save fabric, no need to cut the fabric pieces larger than the paper.
(3) Place the two fabric pieces right sides together. Pin the trimmed grid to the top of the layered fabrics. Avoid pinning into the dotted lines.If you want to use smaller scraps than the whole grid or you do not need as many triangle units as the grid yields, cut grid into smaller units to fit your needs.
(4) Set your sewing machine for 18 to 20 stitches per inch. Stitch through all of the layers along the dotted lines on the grid.Here is an example of how the backside looks after sewing.


(5) Remove pins. Cut the grid apart on all the solid lines. Begin with the outer lines, then cut the piece into squares and last cut the squares in half on the diagonal solid line.
(6) Remove paper. The short stitch width perforates the paper, which should make it easy to remove. One method is to finger press the paper triangle toward the seam allowance, and then tear it off.Iron seam allowance towards the darker half of the square. Trim the seam allowance points that extend beyond the square. …. and your triangle square unit is ready to use in your project!