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Magic with Triangles (MwT) is a product we have worked on and developed over a period of time. When we began making patchwork about 20 years ago, we did everything the hard way and made all of our triangle square units the traditional way, which meant cutting triangles and sewing on the bias. This was time consuming and we did not always get the good results we strived for.
Grids drawn directly on fabric were the next step, and soon became our favorite method for making triangle square units. After having used that method for a while Kristin started questioning herself if the process could be even more streamlined. She started drawing master grids on graph paper, and photocopied the grid to make as many copies as she needed. We introduced this method to our students, and it was so well received that we started drawing with different sizes, and the rest is history……..and can be read in our new book “Hooked on Triangles”. Magic with Triangles has been on the market since 1999 (Norwegian edition), and it is now ready in an English version.
As of today we market 4 different master grid sets of Magic with Triangles, each set has 5 different sizes, ready for photocopying. We cover the most used sizes between 1” and 6”. Please check sizes in The Shop.

Click on the picture of the MwT cover and take a lesson.