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Our company ”Tre Damer” (in English: Three Ladies) was registered in June of 1998 as a result of three friends with a common passion for patchwork and a burning wish to make a hobby into “something more”. The name was one of many suggested, but came out a strong winner! Today we are only two ladies left in the company, but the name is so well known in the Norwegian quilting community that we decided to keep it. The two of us are also sisters!

Our first project was for a Norwegian fabric- and quilt supply dealer, for whom we made a couple of small booklets with quilt patterns. At the same time we started our own line of quilt patterns, and made a small book with quilts and clothes for babies. The name of the book is: “Har dere mønster til……småsaker til småfolk”, and it is for sale in “The Shop”, Norwegian edition only.

Our main product, “Magic with Triangles” has its own story which you can read on the Magic with Triangle’s pages. The Norwegian version has been on the market since 1999, with a lot of updates, and it is now the “new and improved” product that you will find in “The Shop” today, both Norwegian and English version. Along the way we have added grids, and there are now a total of 10 different inch-sizes and 10 different metric sizes, the most used sizes. This is a product that we are satisfied with and which has led us on to our most exciting project ever, the BOOK!

In cooperation with the American publisher Martingale & Co, our first “real” book, “Hooked on Triangles” was released in September 2004. All projects in the book are based on our triangle tool “Magic with Triangles”. To write a book was a new and exciting project for us, and a lot of work and energy invested to finish according to plan. If you have comments to the book, please send us a mail and let us know.

Happy Quilting from
Kristin and Turid